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Why invest in Real Estate Property in emerging markets?

Modern Portfolio Theory -Eggs in one basket.

Northlands city

An overview of the Northlands city Real Estate Development and Investment Project by the Kenyatta Family in Ruiru

In this article, we explore Why you should invest in Real Estate Property in emerging markets.

Wealth building and by extension financial freedom is a journey and not only an event (Alux.com, 2021). Whereas having a Six figure Salary, “9am to 5pm” job is a good thing that could put food on the table and maybe get a family a USD 80000 mortgage plus a USD 15000 family car loan; cash flow security is a necessity.

Property investment as a source of Financial freedom.

Everyone dreams of making money in their sleep and that would then point me towards pursuing the Landlord and property developer line having witnessed my former boss not only run the printing press business but also manage an office building of his own around the city. At times, the revenues from the printing press could be way lower than the monthly overheads but our boss could still sustain: This must be a good motivation of what portfolio diversification is.

Property Investment for portfolio diversification.

Modern Portfolio Theory -Eggs in one basket.

img: (Never put your eggs in one basket, Yandex, 2022)

When Covid 19 hit the economy hard in the early days of 2020, I realized that residential property could have fetched me some extra income: Every other sector of the economy fell apart besides housing. Every person needs a home whether rented or owned; more so, in most developing countries and by extension Africa, a significant percentage of the population spent in informal settlements and only a few can afford cluster houses and dwellings (Real Estate Winners, 2021).Never forget the adage; not to put all your eggs in one basket. Stocks including listed public equities and unlisted private equities are good avenenues too.

Property development and investment for income and wealth building.

Having 4 tenants channelling USD 3000 monthly to my drained account could have been a good investment all along. I opted to renovating my old rental houses with some savings that I had in the bank; my credit rating with the bank improved drastically and they could now offer me more financing to construct some extra two rental units. This answers the your question on how to make money through real estate property investment.

Liquidation of Property assets.

The moments your liquid capital, which is cash gets running out, you realize you need more assets that could generate more income for you. As much as investing in property may need some high initial capital, it is way easier to get financing and refinancing for the property asset such as a residential block for rent. Property, especially commercial building for offices and land at a prime location is a subject of appreciation with value adds. Property assets such Commercial buildings and residential buildings and developments are good avenues for refinancing: They serve as collateral to bank finance and in Mortgage backed securities (MBS).

Definitely, putting the economic and environmental conditions, consumers (Tenants) and Government regulations in question investing in property especially residential property can be a lifelong source passive income (UCT, PDI Notes - M1U1).

Property development and investment assistance.

Whether a seasoned property investor or a novice, having or scouting for valuable real estate investing guidance is invaluable. Google is a good place with alot of materials on finance and investment but do not get carried away: Finding an experienced property investing company or a consultant can help a great deal. Nevertheless, there exists not a fixed property investment template; having a strucured blueprint could be of help.

Real Estate in Emerging markets

Hao Finder being part of Nakibolis Heirs Limited helps prospecting property investors. Hao Finder will walk the property investment lifecycle along with you. When looking at investing in commercial property for retail, industrial or office, a collaborative approach will come in handy. Nevertheless, any investment comes with an associated risk degree: investing in government fixed income bonds, fixed saving accounts and cash assets.

Property Development and Investment in Kenya with Gilbert Nakiboli Waliuba

Img: Hao Finder (Nakibolis Heirs Limited ) - Property Development and Investment Training.

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