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5 Main Questions You Should Never Fail To Ask During A Site Visit

Site visit in Kamulu, Kenya.

Site visit in Kamulu, Kenya.

site visit in Kamulu, Kenya

1. Who was the original owner of the land?

This question seeks to establish the history of ownership of the land you want to purchase. You want to make sure that the vendor of the property legally acquired the land they seek to sell or that the land was properly transferred from the previous owner to the current owner. If all the documentation is in order, the chances of you getting into future wrangles are often reduced.

2. Does the land have a title deed?

When attending a site visit, it is true to refer to what they say, “Shamba ni Title.” A title deed is a legal document showing the right owner of the land (ardhisasa.lands.go.ke) Most real estate companies will often buy large chunks of land and subdivide them into small pieces of 50100 or 4080, which will then have individual title deeds.

If you are buying property from a real estate company, ask to be shown the individual title deed of the plot that you are interested in.

Go a step further and conduct a land search to help establish whether indeed the vendor is the rightful owner of the land. The title deed should be registered under the company's name.

Title deed

Image 1; title deed

3. What other charges are included?

Apart from the purchase price, you need to be aware of the charges you might incur when purchasing the land and transferring the documents to your name. These charges include; legal fees, stamp duty, capital gains tax, mortgage fees, search fees among other fees (https://commercialpropertykenya.com/transaction-costs-when-buying-property-in-kenya/).

Talking to the vendor helps you understand what charges apply where and who is supposed to pay for them.

4. How long should I wait for the title to be processed?

A title deed proves legal ownership of the land. With it, you can use your land as collateral to secure a loan from the bank. Companies issue title deeds differently. Some issue on an individual basis whereas others disburse them out at once after all plots have been sold. With the government, in about 2 weeks one obtains a title deed charged at 5000 Kshs. https://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Kenya_-Apply_for_Land_Title_Deed(Transfer_of Ownership)

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5. What are the zoning regulations in place?

Zoning regulations define how different properties should be used. When looking for residential property, you don't want to end up buying a commercial plot that will cost you more and deny you the comforts enjoyed in a residential setup.

You need to ask the vendor if there are any construction and zoning regulations. This will ensure you get the best deal and that the property purchased actually matches your plan.

Questions Site Visit


These Questions will give you a great indepth look at the Land or Property you are about to buy.

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