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How to Register Property with the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning - Ardhi Sasa, Kenya

How to Register Property with the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning - Ardhi Sasa, Kenya

Yes, All property owners, potential real estate investors in Kenya, and property should be registered on Ardhisasa. As the ministry of Lands and Physical planning tries to catch up with the digital transformation, there come several uncertainties of processes and procedures at the lands registry.

The Ardhi Sasa platform which is part of the National Land Information Management System is a key instrument. Many property owners, Registered Physical planners, Advocates, Valuers, and county surveyors are finding navigation challenges. Property buyers who would like to transfer ownership of the Land for sell or purchase apartments or homes in Nairobi, Kenya need to read this. The property journey doesn’t stop at signing the sales agreement and making your payment.

Is it the old-school Two Months plus long 9-step property registration process or the simple 5-day 10 minutes 4-step digital Title Deed and lease certificate registration hack? With the new digital system, Clearance for Land rent, property valuation, and consent of land transfer shall be done online via the Ardhi Sasa Platform which can be accessed through the E-Citizen Portal. Land searches which traditionally took about 20 days shall be done online.

Hao Finder is committed to providing all Kenyans transacting in Property for rent or Land for sale, a smooth Property Development, and Investment. We do this by providing insightful tips that help many enjoy their right to property ownership.

As adopted from the Ardhi Sasa website, these are the guidelines that one should follow when registering their parcel of Land or property.

How to Register Property with the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning - Ardhi Sasa, Kenya

Who can Add Property?

Any individual registered on Ardhisasa can make an application for adding property on behalf of a property owner. However, they should list the owner or owners using their Ardhisasa ID or National ID or registration numbers as the proprietors(owner). Check also, How to Do a Land Search online in Kenya.

What is the acceptable Parcel Number format on Ardhisasa?

The platform accepts the converted and gazetted parcel numbers indicated on the ownership documents.

Sample Format

Registry or Block Number or Parcel Number E.g. Nairobi or Block000 or 000

What is a parcel holding type?

It is the category of interest an individual or entity has on a property. The following are the types;

  1. Sole Proprietorship

It is when an individual or company owns a complete interest in a property.

  1. Joint Proprietorship

This is where a parcel is owned by more than one individual without a defined proportion. Upon the demise of one of the proprietors, the interest passes on to the surviving tenant, who becomes the sole proprietor.

  1. Proprietorship in common

This is where the parcel is owned by 2 or more individuals with defined shares. Upon the demise of one of the proprietors, his or her interest is given to his or her beneficiaries through the process of succession.

Who should initiate the process?

Anyone can initiate the process on behalf of the proprietor (s) by adding their ID Number or Ardhisasa ID. In case of a joint or tenancy in common, only one application should be made encompassing all the proprietors and their share of ownership in the case of a tenancy in common.

Who are the actors involved?

a. Sole proprietorship: involves the sole owner.

b. Joint Proprietorship and Proprietorship in common: involves all the registered owners of the property.

What are the requirements?

Scanned copy of your ownership document e.g. Certificate of lease or Certificate of Title. Scanned copy of proof of land rent payments (optional) Letters of administration where necessary.

What is the difference between Freehold and Leasehold property?

Freehold interest means absolute ownership of a parcel of land. The proprietor has no time limit to his period of ownership as long as the set conditions are not changed. No land rent is owed to the Government with reference to freehold property. The ownership document for a freehold property is a Certificate of Title.

Property Registration Process (Pictures)

You can add Leasehold Parcels, Freehold Parcels, Sectional Properties, Long Term Leases as well as Short Term Leases. The platform also gives the ability to track your parcels and registered property. Once logged in to your Ardhi Sasa portal, you can check your ongoing applications, completed parcel registrations, and unpaid and paid invoices.


Pick the property tenure.



Provide property ownership details.



Select the ownership rights of the proprietor.



Select the property type and upload the title deed or lease certificate in pdf, png, or jpeg.


If you have the parcel rent payment receipts or any proof of payments, there is an option to provide them.



Upload parcel or proprietor documents.



Confirm the details.



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