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How to Do a Land Search online in Kenya

How to Do a Land Search online in Kenya
Posted By:Hao FinderHao Finder

How to Do a Land Search online in Kenya.

What is Land Search?

It is an application made to find out the ownership details of a property, and other interests that have been registered on that property. With the rise is cases of fraud within the property industry, it is necessary to ascertain the ownership details for any plot for sale in Nairobi, Kenya or off-plan affordable apartments for sale.

What is power of attorney register?

It is a record of attorneys who have rights to do certain or all transactions involving a property on behalf of the owner (proprietor) of that property. In the event of demice of the absolute owner of a parcel of land, some families transfer the administration role to a party. Interests on the property can also be assigned to a third party as trustee or manager of the estate.

What is registration of documents register?

It is a record of interests and documents registered regarding a property.

What is scope of a land or property search?

How to Do a Land Search online in Kenya

It determines if only active entries or both active and inactive entries registered on a property are to be included in search results.

Who are the actors in a property Search in Kenya?

According the Ministry of Land and Physical planning,Kenya; these are the Recipients of the Land search results (maximum of 3 emails belonging to the recipients).

What are the requirements for a Land Search?

Registered Parcel number.(Land registry/Block/Parcel Number)

Step By Step Land Search Process on the Ardhi Sasa Platform.

  1. Select type of Property search to conduct (Parcel Search)

  2. Enter parcel number (You can add upto 50 Parcel Numbers in the format (Nairobi/Juja Road/00000)

  3. State the purpose of the Land Search

  4. Select the Scope of Search:

a. Particulars of the subsisting entries in the register of the above-mentioned parcel, or

b. Particulars noted on the Property section, Proprietorship section, Encumbrance section, Power of attorney register, and or Registered documents register

  1. Attach relevant documents if any. (Optional)

  2. Submit the Parecel Search Application. (The Application will capture the applicants Official names and National ID

  3. If the Parcel Number exisits on the ardhi sasa platform, you shall get a confirmation else the application shall be rejected automatically.


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