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Karen neighbourhood guide: houses for rent, sale, social amenities and more

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Karen neighbourhood guide: houses for rent, sale, social amenities and more


Karen is a suburb of Nairobi County. It is located 15 kilometres from the capital's city centre. The suburb is one of the most populous in the city and enjoys a relatively high level of infrastructure development in comparison to other parts of Nairobi.

Karen is a predominantly residential area with a mixture of low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings. There are a number of social amenities in the neighbourhood. The area has a diverse population that includes Kenyans from various ethnic groups, as well as expatriates from all over the world. Here is what you need to know about houses in Karen, rental prices, social amenities and much more.

Karen Map

Karen is one of the most prestigious areas, lying southwest of Nairobi CBD. It is home for diplomats, expatriates and top government officials. Karen has a mix of cultures ranging from Africans, Germans, Americans, Japanese, and Europeans, among others.

Karen neighbourhood guide

Directions to Karen

The easiest and quickest way to get Karen is via a taxi or Private means. This takes approximately 18 minutes. To get to Karen via public means, one will board matatu route number 24 at Kenya Bus Station (BS) or Kencom Stage. Some of the bus stops in Karen include;

  • Karinde,
  • Kwa Farasi,
  • Karen Road Junction,
  • Karen Police Station, and
  • Karen Catholic Church stage

Leadership Status in Karen

The current MCA of Karen Ward is Hon. David Mberia. Leadership Status in Karen

Education facilities in Karen

The following Education facilities are in the suburb. They can be accessed by foot, taxi or a personal car.

  • Serare School,
  • St. Hannahs’ Primary School,
  • Nairobi Montessori School,
  • St. Hannahs’ High School,
  • West Nairobi School,
  • Waldorf Woodlands School,
  • Msingi Bora Kindergarten,
  • Panenka Kindergarten,
  • Light International School,
  • Nairobi Academy and
  • Hillcrest International.

Karen is home to a number of colleges and universities;

  • KMTC Karen Campus,
  • Karen Institute College of Agriculture,
  • Bridgeworld College,
  • Karen Hospital Medical Training College,
  • Cooperative University,
  • JKUAT Karen Campus, and
  • Africa International University.

1. West Nairobi School

West Nairobi School is a mixed day school offering the American Curriculum from Kindergarten to the 12th grade

1.	West Nairobi School

2. Africa International University

Africa International University is a Christian University located along Rhino Park Close, Karen. Some of the schools here are; School of Theology, School of Economics and Business, School of Education, Arts & Social Sciences, and the Institute for the study of African Realities.

2.	Africa International University

Health Facilities in Karen

You can get medical services from these infirmaries in the area:

  • The Karen Hospital,
  • Karen End Medical Clinic,
  • St. Odilias Dispensary,
  • Amber Medical Clinics and the
  • AAR Healthcare Karen.

1. Karen Hospital

Karen Hospital is a multispecialty hospital that offers world-class medical treatment. It is situated along Karen-Langata Road.

1.	Karen Hospital

2. Amber Medical Clinics

Amber Medical Clinics is a private health care centre located in Karen (The Hub 1st floor). Services offered include; General outpatient, obstetrics, dental, and paediatrics.

2.	Amber Medical Clinics

Where to shop in Karen

Buy your foodstuffs, groceries, clothes and any other items from the following shopping spots:

  • The Hub Karen,
  • Karen Shopping Centre,
  • Karen Triangle Mall,
  • The Waterfront Karen,
  • Galleria Mall,
  • Foodies Supermarket,
  • Zucchini Greengrocers,
  • Good Neighbours,
  • Karen Choppers Supermarket and
  • Choices Supermarket

1. The Hub Karen Mall

The Hub is situated along Dagoretti Road, Karen.

1.	The Hub Karen Mall

2. Karen Triangle Mall

Karen Triangle Mall is located along Karen Road, off Ngong Road. The mall has several shops, clinics, stores, salons, barbershops, and chemists.

2.	Karen Triangle Mall

3. The waterfront mall in karen.

Maji Magic Aqua Park at the Waterfront mall, Karen.

Visit us at the waterfront mall in karen.

Hotels, restaurants, Clubs and Recreational Facilities in Karen

You can relax and have fun in these facilities in Karen:

  • Hemingways Nairobi,
  • Amelia Karen Hotel,
  • Karen Gables,
  • Shade Hotel,
  • Acacia Tree Lodge,
  • Karen Camp Hotel,
  • Msitu Bar,
  • Karen Blixen,
  • Afghan House,
  • Art Caffe and
  • Karen Country Club.

Ngong Forest is also nearby for nature walks, team building, and recreation activities such as hiking.

1. Amelia Karen Hotel

Amelia Karen Hotel provides accommodation with a bar, restaurant, and free spacious parking. It is located 200m from the Karen Shopping Centre.

1.	Amelia Karen Hotel

1.	Amelia Karen Hotel

2. Karen Country Club

Karen Country Club is well equipped with a gym, swimming pool, tennis pitch and golf course. It has also a restaurant and a good place to hold events and meetings such as weddings and birthday parties.

Karen neighbourhood guide

Financial Institutions in Karen

Here are the banks and SACCOs that offer financial services in or near Karen:

  • I&M Bank,
  • Investment& Mortgages Bank Ltd,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • Standard Chartered Bank,
  • Equity Bank,
  • Stanbic Bank,
  • Commercial Bank of Africa,
  • Co-operative Bank,
  • KCB,
  • Ecobank,
  • Diamond Trust Bank and
  • Vine Sacco Society.

Where to get your hair and nails done in Karen

You can have your hair and nails done in these spots:

  • Extreme Styling Studio,
  • Wacera Hair Salon,
  • Lavish Nail & Beauty Bar,
  • Emeldann Beauty Parlour & Salon,
  • Chris Allans Hair Stylist,
  • Mwaitu Spa, Salon, & Kinyozi,
  • Karen Executive Barbers,
  • Smart choice Salon & Barber Shop and
  • Destiny Super Cuts Kinyozi.

1. Mwaitu Spa, Salon, & Kinyozi

Mwaitu Spa, Salon, & Kinyozi is located in Bevin Centre along Karen Road.

1.	Mwaitu Spa, Salon, & Kinyozi

2. Lavish Nail & Beauty Bar

Services offered at Lavish Nail & Beauty Bar include; massage, waxing, nail art, manicure, pedicure, gel application, and facials among others.

2.	Lavish Nail & Beauty Bar

Worship centres located in Karen

There are a number of worship places in this neighbourhood. The main ones include:

  • Karen Catholic Church,
  • Karen Vineyard Church,
  • Karen Community Church,
  • ACK,
  • KAG,
  • PCEA,
  • Mosque,
  • Redeemer Bible Church,
  • Nairobi Chapel Karen,
  • Christ is The Answer Ministries (CITAM Karen) and
  • Deliverance Church.

1. Christ is The Answer Ministries

Christ is The Answer Ministries is situated along Karen-Langata Road.

1.	Christ is The Answer Ministries

2. St. Francis Church Karen

St. Francis Church Karen is located along Karen Boyani Road. . 2.	St. Francis Church Karen

Safety in Karen

Karen is a safe neighbourhood with two police stations; Karen and Hardy Police Stations.

Petrol and Gas Stations in Karen

You can fuel your vehicle(s) in the following gas stations:

  • Shell, Petrocity Petrol Station,
  • Kobil Petrol Station,
  • Total service station,
  • Hass Petrol Station, and
  • Kenol.

1. Petrocity Petrol Station

Petrocity Petrol Station is situated at Karen Round About, Ngong Road.

1.	Petrocity Petrol Station

2. Hass Petrol Station

Hass Petrol Station is located along Karen-Langata Road.

2.	Hass Petrol Station

Real estate companies and agencies in the area

The following agencies operate in Karen:

  • Wendo Properties,
  • Linkup Properties,
  • Forthright Kenya Real Estate,
  • Zuri Properties,
  • Geoscape Global,
  • Karencom Properties,
  • Landmark Top Solutions,
  • Primeland Properties Limited, and
  • Realcom Limited.

Property for Buy or Rent Prices in Karen

Property Description || Amount (KES)

Average Rent 1 Bedroom Apartments: 30000

Average Rent 2 Bedroom Apartments: 45000

Average Rent 3 bedroom house: 80000

Average Price -1/8 Acre plot 10000000

If you are looking for a budget freindly karen-like experience, Lower Kabete rentals can make it.

Bottom line

Karen is a predominantly residential area with a mixture of low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings. There are a number of social amenities in the neighbourhood, and it's a good place to live. If you are an real estate investor in Karen seeking tips on how to Do a Land Search online in Kenya, Hao Finder is your plug. It can be tiresome finding a house that fits your needs and budget in Karen. Fortunately, you can find a house for rent or sale easily with our services.


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