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Syokimau neighbourhood guide: houses for rent, sale, and social amenities

The Daniel School

Syokimau is a residential area near Nairobi. The area is named after the legendary Kamba prophetess and medicine woman Syokimau. Syokimau prophesied the coming of the British to Kenya and also the building of the old railway.

If you work in or near Nairobi, then one of the places you should consider residing in Syokimau. The area has state-of-the-art social amenities and facilities. It is also easily accessible by road. What’s more, Syokimau houses for rent are priced reasonably.

So are you considering moving to the area? If yes, then here is a comprehensive guide about Syokimau houses, social amenities, and so forth. Take a look.

Syokimau location

Syokimau location

For those of you asking “Syokimau is in which county, here is what you need to know. Syokimau is located in Machakos County, south of Nairobi. Administratively, the area falls in Syokimau-Mulolongo and Mavoko constituency.

Leadership status:

current MCA of the Syokimau Mulolongo ward

The current MCA of the Syokimau Mulolongo ward is Nicholas Mutuku.

How to get to Syokimau from Nairobi CBD.

Are you looking for a way on how to get to Syokimau SGR station or suburb? Well, look no further. You can get to the area via train, taxi, matatu, or bus. Route 110 buses situated in Railways will take you to Syokimau at 70 Kenyan Shillings during off-peak hours and 100 Kenyan Shillings during peak hours. For those commuting from Nairobi to Syokimau is easy due to the presence of the commuter train which offers services in the morning and evening helping you avoid the heavy traffic on Mombasa Road. You only have to make sure that you adhere to the Syokimau train schedule.

How far is syokimau from Nairobi?

The distance between Syokimau and Nairobi is 16km. This means that the area is less than 10 minutes drive to the city. However, this is not the case due to traffic jams. On average you can take 30 to 1 hour to get to the city centre.

Education facilities:

Whether you live in or near 360 apartments Syokimau or any other place, you can easily access the following institutions in the area.

  1. The Daniel School

The Daniel School

The Daniel School is a pre-school and primary school, located along Katani Road.

  1. PEFA Syokimau School

PEFA Syokimau School is sponsored by the PEFA Syokimau Community Church and offers quality primary education. The school is located next to Syokimau Shopping Centre. 3. Epren College of Professional Studies

Epren College is situated along the Katani road. The college offers diploma courses in hairdressing and beauty, hair design, Business Administration, front office, nail technology, and hotel catering among others. Other notable schools include the following:

• Notre Dame Primary School,

• Almasi School,

• Zuwena International School,

• Joy Crest Kindergarten,

• Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy,

• St. Nicholas College.

Healthcare facilities:

1. Syokimau Health Centre

Syokimau Health Centre

Syokimau Health Centre is situated along Katani Road and offers outpatient, dentistry, pathology, paediatrics, and pharmacy services.

2. Katani Hospital

Katani Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital with a bed capacity of 144 and is situated along Katani road. The staff is well trained, experienced, and ready to serve their customers without discrimination.

3. Baspen Syokimau Cottage

Baspen Hospital offers a variety of medical services which includes; outpatient, inpatient, laboratory, maternity, pharmacy services, and nutritional clinics. Other notable healthcare centres include the following:

• Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital,

• St Immaculate Clinic,

• Vantage Healthcare,

• AAR Healthcare.

Where to Worship in Syokimau

You can worship in any of the following churches in Syokimau:

  1. Deliverance church Syokimau Deliverance Church is situated along Katani road.
  2. St Veronica Catholic Church St Veronica Catholic is situated along Kiungani Road. Other notable religious places are as follows:

• Ufalme church-Syokimau,

• Syokimau Mosque,

• Syokimau Catholic Church,

• Syokimau ACK,

• Syokimau SDA church,

• Syokimau PEFA,

• Syokimau PCEA,

• Syokimau Lifespring Chapel,

• House of Grace - Syokimau,

• AIC - Syokimau,

• KAG, and

• Deliverance Church - Syokimau.

Banks in Syokimau

Your financial needs will be handled by any of the following institutions while in the area:

• Sidian Bank,

• Equity bank,

• Co-operative bank,

• Nasamki Sacco,

• Universal Traders Sacco, and

• Barclays bank.

Nairobi Terminus located in Syokimau

Employment Opportunities:

Industries in this area that create job opportunities are as follows:

1. Sahalpack Industry

This company offers branding and printing of label products and services in Kenya and the East Africa region. It is located off Mombasa Road in Syokimau.

2. Norda Industries Ltd

Norda Industries Ltd

Norda Industries Limited manufactures high-quality snacks and is located along the Mombasa Road in Syokimau.

You can also work in the following companies:

• Socabelec Eat Africa Ltd,

• Sanpac Africa ltd,

• Mastermind Tobacco, and

• Bett Company Ltd.

Where to get your hair and nails done

Once you settle down in the area, you do not need to travel all the way to the city centre to have your hair or nails done. You can visit any of the following places for executive services:

1. Sleekedge Family Salon & Barber Shop

Sleekedge Family Salon & Barber

It is located along Katani Road and offers quality and affordable services to its customers.

2. She and He Barbershop

She & He Barbershop is situated along Katani Road. It offers quality haircuts to those who visit the place. You can also get a haircut, hairdo, or your nails done at the following places:

• Faika Beauty,

• Loca Nail Studio,

• Lizaya Hair Studio,

• Didys Salon and Barbar,

• Lavish Hair Studio and Barber,

• Shavers Parlour,

• Congo Kinyozi,

• Zhanes and Blueberi Barbershop.

Where to shop

You can do all your shopping in Syokimau from the following centres: Gateway Mall Syokimau It is a home for shopping stores, restaurants, clinics, banks, pharmacies, fashion stores, and clubs.

Signature Mall

Signature Mall

It is a diversified mall hosting local and international brands and cultures. It is a home for hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment, and a good place to host events.

You can also buy foodstuffs and other household items from the following: • Naivas supermarket,

• Twins Shopping Centre,

• Syokimart,

• Home direct supermarket,

• quick mart,

• Riverside shop,

• Mboga Masters Grocery Store,

• Nafuu supermarket.

Hotels, Recreational Facilities, and clubs:

Medical health is critical to your physical health. One way you can ensure you are fit is by participating in recreational activities. Visit any of the following areas in Syokimau to nature yourself:

1. Grad Homestay Hotel Grad Homestay Hotel has 8 guest rooms and is located approximately 1km from the Gateway Mall.

2. Syokimau Country club

Syokimau Country club is situated along St Timothy Road

Syokimau Country club is situated along St Timothy Road and offers restaurant and bar services. It is also a good place to hold meetings and parties such as birthday parties.

You can also visit these areas while in Syokimau:

• Kibarani Club,

• Heavenly Meadows,

• Wills restaurant,

• Hilton Garden Inn

• Zarita Boutique Hotel. Syokimau is only 10kms away from the Nairobi National Park providing a good recreational facility.

Syokimau house rent

Here are the average prices for houses for rent in Syokimau:

• Single room: Rare but you can get one at about Ksh. 4,000

• Bedsitter: Ksh. 7,000 and above

• 1 bedroom: Ksh. 10,000 and above

• 2 bedrooms: Ksh. 25,000 and above

• 3 bedrooms: Ksh. 30,000 and above

• 4 bedrooms: Ksh. 40,000 and above

• 5 bedrooms: Ksh. 45,000 and above

• 6 bedrooms: Ksh. 50,000 and above

• Own compound: Ksh. 45,000 and above depending on the number of bedrooms.

Back to you

Syokimau is one of the best places you can live if you work in or near Nairobi. The area is covered by a good transport network which ensures you can easily access the CBD. If you want to escape traffic jams, you can use a train to and fro the City.

If you want to move to Syokimau and you have never been there before, then you probably know that it can be a hard task to find the perfect rental house. Whether you are looking for a rental property or simply houses for sale in Syokimau, we all agree that this is a daunting task.

This is where we come in to help you find your dream house without much hassle. Once we have the house that matches your description, we will send you a report on your preferred communication channel. During your free time, one of our ambassadors will accompany you to the house fast hand feel. If the house matches your expectations, then we won’t just close the deal at that moment. We will assist you to move out and move in!

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